The church and G-d are not one in the same.

Many people simply give up their search for G-d, their hope to understand the
Bible or to find a church that teaches Scriptural truths. This book is the message to
all those that gave up on the local gatherings, and in doing so,
have given up on G-d.

G-d is not necessarily well represented by those claiming to be
“in the know.”
It was in being ostracized from religious gatherings and believing that it was I who was errant,
that led me to search the Scriptures diligently. In doing so, I came to realize much of American
Christianity is based upon tradition, interpretation, and presumptuous ideology rather than
actual Scripture. That information alone is a rudimentary difference that spans a chasm. In
continuing to read the Bible, I have come to understand the very fundamental differences in my
beliefs, based on scripture.
 “Can We All Be Wrong?”
includes the most important of these differences and includes the Scriptures on which I stand.
If you are satisfied with "status quo" religion,
this book is not for you!