G-d has not called HIS people to speculate the activities of the enemy in the last
days, but rather to look to Y'hshuwah, the author and finisher of our faith!  

"the LAST DAYS Survival Handbook"  is a compilation of prophetic and instructive
Scriptures, with very little commentary.
This book begins . . .

Scripture indicates there will be
no G-dly nations in the last days,
though the tribulation [great
persecution]; just small pockets of
obedient believers, dispersed
throughout the world.  The
chapters of Deuteronomy that
address what is to be a "nation of
G-d" or a G-d centered society
have not been included in this
handbook.  A government, nation,
or society that is G-d centered
and G-d led is called a
Theocracy.  There has only been
one true Theocracy ever
established on this earth; Israel,
and her power under G-d, was for
a relatively short time in history.  
The Kingdom of G-d, will once
more reign and be recognized
over the entire world, and
established forever, when
Messiah once again,
shall stand on this earth.