After much encouragement and many request to
write a Cook Book, I embarked upon the endeavor,
only to be faced with what I already knew.  My style
of cooking does not lend easily to print.
Years ago my mother actually purchased a book
for me entitled, "I'm Writing My Own Cook Book,"
and my daughter has mentioned through the years
that she wanted my recipes recorded.  I cook by
dashes, tads, and aroma, so truthfully, regardless
of the request and encouragement, I never actually
planned to write a cook book.  This book is not the
result of years of accumulation or procrastination.  I
had no intentions at all, of ever beginning or
accomplishing the project.  My plan was simple.  I
would jot down my daughter's specific recipe
requests and bequeath to her, my recipe box.  
Along the way, however; a new variable arose:  
Grandchildren!  How can a G-ma say "no?"
So for the past several months, I've been shaking,
splashing, and dashing; pouring my usual tads and
pinches into a standard measuring cup or spoon to
be able to accurately specify the amount of each
I firmly believe the main ingredients to good cuisine
is love and creativity.  Love of what you're doing,
love for whom you're doing it, and just that little
"something" that makes a dish or a meal, a memory.
I believe we've all heard some version of this little anecdote . . .

A Sunday School teacher was teaching the importance of prayer and asked her
class if they all prayed before a meal.  One little boy immediately piped up and
said, "We don't have to, my mom is a good cook!"

My Grandchildren all say I am a wonderful cook, but the truth is, every meal they
eat in our home is prayed for at least five times.  When we sit down to the table,
they each say a prayer, and I've already prayed when I plant it in the garden and
when I harvest it, so . . .

We think these recipes are pretty tasty, but it could just be all the prayers!