Each extended weekend (Thursday thru Sunday)
includes four sessions plus a DIY project
question/answer and discussion times.
Saturday is set apart for rest, spiritual discussion, contemplation
and enjoying the nature that surrounds us.
Experience a return to simple sustainability
Enjoy a renaissance of natural health
Embrace revelation of Scriptural truth
Prepare to be Revived and Refreshed
March 22 - 25

Spring Detox  
spiritually, mentally, physically
Sabbath discussion
YHVH Shammah  He is there
April 26-29

Women of Virtue

Sabbath discussion
Melech HaKadosh - King of Glory
July  12-15

Redefining Abundance

Sabbath discussion
YHVH Tzidkenu  He is righteous
June 7-9

Back to Basics

Sabbath discussion
YHVH Ra'ah  He is our Shepherd
May 3-6

Eliminating Stress

Sabbath discussion
YHVH Nissi  He is our banner  
August  16-19

Defeating Debt
Living Free
Sabbath discussion
YHVH Yireh  He provides
September  6-9

Lost Adult Children

Sabbath discussion
El Shaddai  YaH Almighty  
October  18-21

Managing a Chronic Condition     
I do not diagnose!
Sabbath discussion
YHVH Raphah  He is our healer
November  8-11

Dealing with Grief
the Loss of a Child
Sabbath discussion
YHVH Shalom  He is our peace
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