to be obedient without being
annoying and argumentative
Set Apart
I was delivered from the perspective that more knowledge would make me a better servant.  
Knowledge is not wrong, but it can very quickly become a self exaulting idol.  

As children of the Most High, we do not need to know more about our Heavenly Father, we
need to know Him, more.  When we seek to know Him more, He will reveal more about Himself
to us.

Books about the culture of Bible times are very interesting, but they focus on the people and
societies of specific times and areas.  If we don't learn history, we are doomed to repeat it, but
learning about people of another era and culture is not the same thing as knowing our
Heavenly Father.  The information can become blurred and ultimately passages of Scripture
interpreted to be "for that time" or "for those people."  I believe the Bible still stands as our
Instruction and standard.  It is Living Word, therefore applies to our current culture and
society, as well.

Although I am not abandoning online fellowships, I cannot get into this recent gnostic Torah
movement. It seems for every seeker, there are three teachers and seven arguments.  I'm
stating the following as an author.  At this point, we don't need extraneous books to know more
about our Heavenly Father, we need His Word and to know Him more!  Books of
encouragement or books that address a specific struggle may be helpful in finding applicable
Scriptures for our current situation, as we are all called to actually apply His Word to our lives.  

I read articles and blogs from a variety of teachers, and watch a few short videos along the
way.  There are teachers I don't follow, also; as there are simply so many hours in a day and I
have my own responsiblity as a servant to the Most High.  

In the case of abject disagreement, I don't choose to spend my time arguing, or allow it on the
forum of this site.  This is simply a place of fellowship in which we can share and encourage
each other as to the goodness of our Heavenly Father, or share concerns and prayer
requests.  In spite of the different perspectives and understandings we may have at this time,
we are brothers and sisters in Y'shuah.  We are children of The Most High.  
Keeping Sabbath is basic to the Covenant walk with our Creator.  There are some variances in
the way believers are keepng Sabbath, but we do Remember the Sabbath.  Currently, I am
using the Dark Moon or Conjunction Calendar which often aligns with the Hillel calendar.  
When there is a question or difference, I go by the dark moon.  With that being said, I also
fellowship with folks who go by the sighted sliver, some in Israel and some upon the
appearance from their locale.  I've used that calendar in the past, and for several years did go
by the Hillel.  I also fellowship with those who use what is referred to as the calendar of Enoch.  
I tried that briefly, years ago, but I found it confusing.  I do not use the full moon or the Lunar
Sabbath calendar.  Now, why am I saying all this?  I don't believe the different calendars have
to be a reason for division, as long as we are not all within the same gate for the High Holy
Days.  I've also come to realize with the exception of the Lunar Sabbath keepers, regardless of
the marking the beginning of the month; all observe a weekly, seventh day Sabbath.  There's a
little diffugalty about the definition of day and if night is included, but until the invention of lights
and engines, nobody worked after dark, any night.  An agrarian society that literally used
horse power and oxen, had to let those animals rest every night!  No lanterns hung on the
horns.  So the Sabbath night debate is a relatively new issue in the body and it's not my
battle.  I personally, along with many, observe a 24 hour Sabbath, beginning at the evening
following the 6th day.
A few thoughts to keep in mind.

Be the person you needed when you were first beginning your
Covenant Walk

Truth should not be wrapped in religious rhetoric or barbed wire.

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

Keep in mind these basic thoughts and although they are not direct quotes from the KJV, there
are Scriptural references that back them.
Since none of us were on that mountain with Moses, hearing The Voice from
the burning bush, we have no reason to argue as to how to pronounce the
letters that are written!  We are told to share His Name, The Name is important,
but the pronunciation is not to be a point of argument.  We will rejoice in that
we have been allowed to know our Creator is real and has a Name!