As these last days unfold, Scripture tells us,
times will become quite perilous.  Y'hshuwah
said two very specific things regarding the
signs before his return.  He said there would
be much deception and many calamities,
comparing these times to "as in the days of
Noah."  Although, it may be easy to be
overwhelmed and even fearful as we look
around, I would point out, Y'hshuwah's
comment gave a very clear plan for his
followers to avoid dependence upon the
government of the beast.
Noah found grace int he eyes of YHWH,
followed HIS instructions, planted crops and
tended the animals.  In all likelihood, the
choice for non-dependence upon the
government of the beast will cause the
remnant to return to a simple barter system
and agrarian lifestyle.
While HE May Be Found was written in 2006, so much of what was written is already becoming obvious in
our society and government.  As we continue to hear candidates and elected officials say, "G-d bless
America," many of our political leaders have no understanding of what G-d's direction actually is.  We have
many leaders that apparently do not have the discernment to know that the direction of the world is not
pleasing to G-d, and America is a world leader.  In writing this book I discovered my own naiveté regarding
religious righteousness.  I simply didn't realize how far from Scripture our mainstream religious teachings
This is not prophecy.   I am not telling anyone what will happen in the future.  That has already been
recorded in Daniel and the Revelation.  This is simply information to be able to identify and avoid trusting in
something that is not of G-d, and information to encourage the perseverance of the saints.