Messiah will be making a very grand entrance,
there will be no "disappearing act" before His return!
However; those who are alive and awaiting His
arrival, will be caught up at thatmoment to meet Him
in the clouds upon His descent;
to be with Him forever.
A Word to the Wise
Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Y'hshuwah Messiah, and by our  
gathering together unto him, That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by
spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as  from us, as that the day of Messiah is at hand.
Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling  
away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;  
                                11 Thessalonians 2:1-3
"For the Trumpet shall
WARNING:  If you have been lead to believe in a pre-tribulation rapture, you could be faced with a
decision of eternal consequence under a false sense of security.  We don't know, yet whether the mark is
going to be first given for identity, security, commerce, or convenience.  Ultimately, it will be for all of those
reasons.   Is it VeriChip?  Is it the medical ID chip?  We do know G~d's Word says we'll be given a choice,
sadly most "teachings" have factored in a "rapture" before.  
Scripture, however; does not!
and identified by John.  There will be no G~dly nation or even a G~dly “organization.”  
There will simply be individuals, some small groups, scattered remnant, but nothing
recognized as “religiously correct” by the mainstream.  
Noah, Jonah, Daniel, the Prophets, and the Apostles were not recognized as spiritual
leaders through the time of their G~d called ministries.  It was only after the fact,
after their words came to pass that some believed, while the majority still chose to
disregard, or didn‘t receive another opportunity.  It is the same now.
Y’hshuwah said it would be as in the days of Noah; with people going about life, and
ignoring the warnings.  He also warned that this generation would see no sign except
the sign of Jonah.  How many more tsunamis and hurricanes will it take to see the
connection?  America is literally burning underground in mines and across the
Midwest.  And no, it is not the miner’s fault, nor are the Oklahoma farmer or Indian to
be blamed.  
America has already survived the warning given us in the 1930's, which went
unheeded and America continued to commit the same offenses that were addressed
in the book of Jeremiah.  
We are seeing just a glimpse of what will be taking place through the tribulation.
Even those who do not read or believe the book of the Revelation
are aware, that we are indeed; at the brink of something.
As we read and wait and debate opinions, regarding the signs of
the last days, we have been told by Y’hshuwah that the kingdom
of G-d would not come by careful observation.  
The signs would be clear at the time, and they are.  Sadly, we
have considered the data through the dim illumination of our
own ideas and wisdom of man, rather than the Word by the Light.
The 10 powers have been a point of speculation for years, as to
which group of countries will combine to make this big powerful
beastly government.  I remember as a teen when the “rapture”
was all the talk, many were watching the European common
market come together, and in the early seventies, we were
supposed to be at the threshold!  . . . Well, the EU is now
comprised of over 20 countries, it is the 21st Century, and there
is anything but peace in Jerusalem.
I have watched for some time as the G7/G8 bounces back and
forth in their secluded, inaccessible meetings, and exclusive
membership, but what remains consistent in all of the “world
powers” are the 10 powers contained within them that are indeed
coming together.
These ten powers have gained and continue to gain world wide
allegiance and the faith, if you will; of billions.
G-d has revealed to me a list of the 10 powers in any 'civilized' society or influential
government that would in fact come together while the last generation debates
observations and attempts to divide and discern the days.  The list is simple and already

BANKING/currency/NON-CASH              health care
communication                                             commerce/business
MILITARY/LAW ENFORCEMENT                  travel & transport
PRISON/MENTAL HEALTH                             education
Politics/Government                               religion

We already have in place and very operational . . .

The World Bank
World Health Organization
World Wide Web
World Trade Organization
International Law
NAFTA / cafta
Ecumenical "Faith" Movement

And of course, the United Nations which appears to be the hub for much of
the new world order, but be advised, it is most likely the decoy, rather
than the real government of the anti-Christ [anti-Messiah].
The kingdom of G-d operates in TRUTH,   LOVE, FAITH, PEACE                         
The three anti-G-d mediums that will draw these ten powers together in deception are the precise
Scriptural antonyms:

There is no fear in love.  Perfect love casts out fear. . .                       I John 4:18

But let him ask in
faith, without any doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, driven by the
wind and tossed. For let that man not think that he will receive anything from the
Lord.                                                                                                     James 1:6, 7

for G-d is not a G-d of
confusion, but of peace. As in all the assemblies of the saints,  
                                               I Corinthians 14:33

Just a little side note of interest.  In October of 2004 the President of the United States of
America applauded the approval by the food and drug administration for a medical ID chip.  
Interestingly, the Cabinet Post for Health and Human Services was vacated in January 2005 by
Tommy Thompson who was on the Board of Directors of VeriChip Corp according to a press release
of Applied Digital, at the time.

Y’hshuwah wept over Jerusalem because the residents of that city failed to recognize Him and
would fail to have peace until His return.  There will not be lasting peace in the world until
there is peace in Jerusalem, when He reigns.  Sadly, there has been no G-dly nation since early
Israel, by the end of King Solomon’s reign, even he had been drawn away to other gods.  His
sons split Israel and Judah, and we know the lament of Jeremiah was a cry to repentance, to a
nation that did not heed his words.  Some individuals did, however;
and they stayed true, even through Babylonian captivity and exile.  
Y’hshuwah never prophesied of a G-dly nation that would follow His example, and there have
been none.  There have been individuals, but the narrow road has not been a place of crowded

From before the time of Constantine, although he made it official; until now, many have been
deceived into believing they are part of a G-dly society and government, or have confused the
mercy of G-d and called it blessed.  G-d has been merciful throughout the centuries, but  Y’
hshuwah warned that the time of seeking evil would indeed produce so great an evilness, that G-
d would bring it to an end.

The time of calling evil, good; and good, evil is here.  
the truth about Mythology . . .  
It is based upon a premise of man not a promise of G-d.
The premise that G-d uses the “10 powers” to accomplish His purpose and that seeking the
ten powers while “praying” is blessed by Him and demonstrates faith in Him.  
The premise that a Bible verse quoted or so called moral political rationale sanctifies our
The aforementioned myth is part of the strong delusion
mentioned in II Thessalonians 2:11.
It clearly states it is from G-d,
for all those that have chosen to believe a lie.  
The truth is,
these ten powers that the majority of humanity  thinks are making the world a better
place, are actually in abject rebellion to G-d’s laws.  
To believe that man’s “rule of law” protects our freedom,
while G-d’s Laws have no place in our lives, is simply idolatry.  
The New Testament warns over and over of the coming of the “lawless one”  and yet
it is the so-called believers of the New Testament that
claim themselves to be free from G~d’s Law.   

What is the difference between
"free from G~d's law and "lawless?"