I can't sing like Vestal Goodman.  Who can?  But I can make a joyful noise!

When your life has been wracked with pain and disappointment comparable to that of
Dottie Rambo,
but you don't have the gift of song writing . . .

When you have the enthusiasm of
Angela Primm, but lack her energy and style . . .

When you realize with the exception of Bill Gaither, himself; you're old enough to be the mother of the
Gaither Vocal Band . . .

When you know all that, and know our Heavenly Father knows all that, but He still has
more in His plan for you to do . . .  
                First, realize, you are not the only one.
                              Second: Realize you are not getting any younger.
                                                 Third: STOP focusing on what we can not do and focus on what we can!

As amazingly talented as the aforementioned folks are, we must not use the excuse that in lacking  
certain talents, we bury the ones we have!

Each of us was given a talent that can be used to bring our Heavenly Father glory and pleasure.

What's this gal to do?   

Speak, while avoiding solos.                Write poems and books instead of songs.  

                         . . . and be the Titus 2 woman He's prepared me to be!

       So, I'm going to hit the road (within about 1
25 mile radius of Joplin, MO)
                                   to share a word of encouragement
                          It's time for revival, refreshment, and renewal!
It's often easy to recognize and
appreciate talents in others, but we
don't always recognize our own.  
When our talents do not lie so much in
music and art, we tend to discount,
even ignoring them to lie dormant.  In
his parable, Messiah referred to that
as burying them.  According to the
conclusion of that parable,

I can't afford to bury any talents.   

None of us can!
Some may feel that they are missing their true purpose in life
                                       . . . and some, undoubtedly, are

Our Heavenly Father graciously gave each of us at least one talent to be used in
this world for His purpose in our life.  We need to encourage and be encouraged to
use the talents our Creator entrusted to each of us.
We are working on the schedule to begin in spring of 2019                

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