You'll find Bethesda Renaissance Villa
just a bit off the beaten path and a little out of the ordinary,
nestled amidst the mighty oaks of the Southern Missouri Ozarks.
Discover your purpose & Uncover your talents
Embrace the health and joy
our Creator has planned for you!
Your hostess is minister and author,
K D Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a Native American herbalist, reflexologist, iridologist, aroma therapist, and her
ministry includes holistic health, wellness advocate and talents coach, while operating a
homestead and business, The Land of Goshen.  

She offers a unique perspective in regard to the spirituality of health and simple sustainability,
bringing together, Native American tribal knowledge on the foundation of Hebrew Scripture.
We call this,
Remedy Cabin
(adanelv shemen)

The first evening of your visit,
you'll be invited to
wash the cares of the world
out of our spirit
as you experience
an ionizing foot detox
Due to the nature of our
program, attendance is
Cabins may be shared.

We ask all visitors to please
bring their own linens, that is
bedding and towels.
417 312-7426