We like to think America is unique, and it is.  A description
of a unique composite government is given in the book of
Daniel.  America is an extension of the Roman Empire with
some elements of a Greek democracy added, while
exceeding the taxation of ancient Egypt.  Why we continue
to insist that we are a G~Dly nation, I cannot say.  From
political pressure to celebration, American religion
incorporates many beliefs that defy Scripture.  I pray you
find the information here, to dispel the myths that have
become the foundational traditions of our nation.  
Although the American Constitution is a wonderful
document, G~D did not ordain any written document to
equate with HIS Word.  
An individual life can be Bible based, a man-made
government cannot.  
Scripturally speaking, the will of man seldom aligns with
the Will of our Creator.  The Biblical definition of the will of
the people is "doing what is right in their own eyes."   
I would encourage us all to know exactly what it is we are
standing for, defending, and celebrating.
Dispelling the
the Delusion of Strength
the Strong Delusion