We didn't make these beautiful tapers for Sabbath,
but we are getting better at that style of candle.  
but we find container candles to be the
easiest and neatest for our needs at this
time, which include heating the
greenhouse and emergency heat and light
when we lose power.
We are firm believers in the 3 R's.  
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
Peanutbutter is one of the few things we don't make
on the place.  We buy All Natural Peanutbutter in
glass jars, but unfortunately, the jar mouths do not fit
either standard canning lid, so we
Recycle the
empties into container candles which can be refilled
Reused many times over.  We also Reduce the
amount of wax used by adding vegetable oil.  
A worn out  stock pot with all that will no longer
hold water, makes a wonderful flame magnifier and
candle holder in the greenhouse.
Everything you need:
container, wax, wick, and oil