Morning Shower

Like taking your cup of coffee into the shower with you!

Here is the basic information as to what makes Morning Shower so wonderful.  
First, it smells like coffee, and that fact alone is inviting, but there is so much more.
G-ma begins with a full bodied dark roasted brewed coffee and goat's milk, then a rich herbal tea of           
chicory, ginseng, Gotu Kola, Ginkgo biloba and Yerba mate' steeped to steaming perfection are added.
G-ma's Goatmilk Soap never contains lard or tallow, but rather oils derived from plants.  
In Morning Shower, G-ma has blended palm and castor oil into a balance of vegetable oils.   
There is still more . . .  Once this evocative combination has blended thoroughly, before saponification
occurs, a full half cup of freshly ground [extra fine] coffee beans are added!

. . . Such a wonderful essence and experience, we almost called it Latte Lather