I am not the judge of
Constantine, but history does
not really indicate he ruled as
a follower of Messiah.  We
are told he was baptized on
his death bed.  Historical
accounts do not give details
as to when Constantine may
have actually become a
believer, but there is much
informative evidence that
says he simply reassigned
names to figures in the pagan
shrines, fully separated the
society according to Sabbath
keeping and Sunday, Holy
days and Roman holidays,
thus defining Christianity to
be the new and separate
political religion of Rome.
is actually
founder of
as we know
Constantine learned from history.  
By the time Israel returned
from Babylonian captivity, they
had pretty much replaced
Torah obedience with strict
adherence to the Talmud.  His
Nicene council did the same
in compiling, and promoting
the New Testament,
separating it from Torah and
establishing the New
Testament to be the Christian
counterpart to the Jewish
Talmud.  The Nicene Council
members were the Christian
version of Jewish Pharisees.  
Judaism and Christianity both
must realize and return to the
truth of Torah.  
again I say, nothing
replaces or overrides
The Word
written by the finger of
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