This is a ministry of reconciliation and encouragement.  Instead of hiding our sorrow
and trying to put on a brave exterior, let's talk.   Without exalting misery, we can discuss
the  heartache of sojourning through this world.

There are so many needs and so many hurting people, and truth be told, Christians /
followers of Messiah, just don't seem to be fairing much better in this world, than those
who are not seeking to follow Messiah, but are self-serving.  

When the only words that fit the circumstance are, "Well, that didn't go as planned!"  
Actually, many more thoughts come to mind . . . What do we do with those incidents,
events, and relationships?  Do we stuff our disappointment in fear of our Heavenly
Father?  Do we hide our pain in fear of what others will say?

When we've done all . . . how do we honestly, stand?

It certainly doesn't hurt to check for dings in our armor.

Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.  Romans 12:15
We remember the account of Peter walking on the water and long to experience or
witness that type of exciting miracle.   In reading that passage in Matthew 14, there are
a couple of details we tend to overlook.  There was a storm taking place when Peter got
out of the boat and although Scripture doesn't specify, since he did take a dip under
water, I'm guessing that Peter did much of that walk across the water in wet clothes!

And those three Hebrew boys in the book of Daniel, they were thrown into the fire!  The
only thing that got burned were the ropes that bound them!

When Peter took his eyes off of Messiah and looked at the storm, he began to sink but
cried out.  

When the king looked into that firey furnace, there were four men in that fire, and not a
one was burnt.  Their clothes weren't even singed, but they were "loosed."

The other detail in both these accounts, is the storm continued around Peter, and the
fire raged around those young men, in both cases . . . Messiah was with them.  

             Y'hshuah / Jesus was present in both of these incidents.