It is my prayer that you will embrace the information you
discover while visiting Bethesda Renaissance Villa,

take it with you, apply it in your life and enjoy the success
of making the changes and accomplishing the goals as you
walk in the purpose our Creator ordained for you.
                                               ~ Elizabeth

Keep in mind . . .
Major personal changes can bring changes in our established relationships.  
Our friends and loved ones, naturally want the best for us, but in our culture, natural
and simplicity are no longer mainstream and is often even unfamiliar.  Sometimes our
circle of influence is less than encouraging when it comes to making changes in our

It's easy to fall back into old habits.  So, please know, every student who visits will be
added to my prayer list, and for those times you need a bit of encouragement as you
press on toward the goal that is so vital to your purpose, please know you can call me.

I am not always near the phone, but I do check for messages regularly
and return phone calls as soon as possible.

If you have to leave a message, please include your name and number.