Rightly dividing
the word of truth as quoted from
ll Timothy 2:15,
is not to divide the Testaments.  
The New Testament was not
yet written
, much less collated at
the time this passage was written in a
letter by Paul,  
to the young pastor, Timothy.
When he became a believer. Paul very clearly and succinctly  
stated his religious beliefs, in Acts 24:14.

"I confess to believing and following The Way that is called a
sect, so serve I the G-d of our fathers, believing all things
which are according to the law, and which are written in the
prophets; having hope toward G-d, which these also
themselves look for, that there shall be a resurrection both of
the just and unjust."
Rightly dividing the
traditions and
interpretations of man  
from the Word of Truth
which is (G-d's Word),
is the instruction here.
Not the division of the
Hebrew Scriptures
[Old Testament]  
the New Testament!
When Paul met
Y'hshuwah, he did not
disavow Torah or the
prophets, and he
was sent to the
that they might come to
that same saving