Many speak of feeling isolated and cut off from fellowship.  This place is the opportunity to come
together to encourage, share prayer requests, and fellowship.  Do we actually value fellowship
enough to leave our arguments alone and rejoice in the time we do have to uplift each other?

We seek to be in one accord, but we do not believe in "unity at any price."  It is my heart's desire
that we will focus on our own personal growth and encourage each other, as we seek our
Heavenly Father.  I have prayed for years for a Five Fold Ministry to come together and do the
will of the Father which is equipping the saints to be joined.  It seems the body is lacking "joints,"
but there appears to be an abundance of folded arms, pointing fingers, and a plethora of mouth
pieces.  With the advent of social media, we seem to forget the mouth is in the head and Messiah
is the head of His body.  

So many have become exhausted and disillusioned with the division and truly desire fellowship.

I pray we walk in humble maturity to avoid majoring in the minors and missing the true point.  
None of us are above being wrong.  We all still see dimly.  
This will be a place of sharing, hopefully without tangents and rabbit trails.  Rather than seeking
to be unique in revelation and special teachings, the set apart lifestyle should be obvious in fruits
and gifts of The Holy Spirit.   
The Vision for this Site