We are created in the image of our Creator and He is spirit:

The Great Spirit

We are a spirit with a mind and emotions, wrapped in a body, and
that body is merely dust . . .
Accidents and injuries, aside, our physical health is primarily the
manifestation of our spiritual state and our emotional outlook.

Here in Bethesda our focus for wellness is first and foremost
then we address our mind and emotions . . .
Many who visit comment on just how peaceful this place is.  

There is a word that is prayed and spoken over this Villa:  

The general translation is peace, but the meaning is so much more:  
Whole, entire, sound, complete, well.  If this weren't enough, the
meaning is even greater.  
Where there is shalom, the chaos is conquered.  
Rediscover who you were created to be,

before the world told you who you were
supposed to be.
We are spirit.   
For a number of years now, we've endured  social health
programming that has not healed us or brought us better health.  
We treat symptoms rather than causes, and we use powerful,
often dangerous chemicals to do so.  We disregard the spiritual,
as well as the emotional factors of our health, often causing
further damage, while suppressing the body's natural response to
bacteria, virus, or injury.